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Riikka Kovasin - I'm a Finnish mixed media style crafter with passion to combine my love for the beautiful products with the possiblility to get messy with different paint media. More about me here (link).

social media: Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube
online galleries:, Pinterest

Current design teams:

Wow Embossing Powder, manufacturer 07/2017 to 07/2018
7 Dots Studio Brand Ambassador, manufacturer 07/2017 to present
Sizzix Influencer, manufacturer, 05/2017 to present
Finnabair Brand Ambassador, brand, 10/2016 to present
A Flair for Buttons, Etsy store, 09/2015 to present
Prima Marketing Special Teams, manufacturer, 08/2017 to 02/2018
CraftStamper, magazine, 11/2013 to present

Also a regular contributor to Mixed Up magazine and Ihana.

Previous design teams:

Prima Marketing, manufacturer, 06/2015 to 08/2017
7 Dots Studio, manufacturer, 01/2014 to 06/2017
Artists Live, ustream show, 05/2015 to present
ScrapFX, manufacturer, 01/2015 to present
Mixed Media Place, online store, 12/2013 to 3/2016
Finnabair Creative Team, brand, 09/2014 to 10/2015
Canvas Corp Brands, manufacturer, 1/2014 to 06/2015
Epiphany Crafts, manufacturer 10/2014 to 12/2014
Scrap Around the World, scrapbooking challenge 10/2013 to 12/2014
3rd Eye, manufacturer, 10/2013 to 12/2014
Scrap365 Magazine, 2/2012 to 11/2014
CSI, scrapbooking challenge 11/2012 to 05/2014
paperHaus, online publication, 11/2013 to 4/2014
Paperilla, online magazine, 06/2013 to 01/14
Sketchbook365, sketch challenge 04/2012 to 09/2013
Paper Stories, sketch challenge 01/2013 to 08/2013
Zeus and Zoe, kit club / scrapbooking challenge 02/2013 to 07/2013
Fiskarettes, an online community, 11/2011 - 4/2012
Amalia, a Finnish craft store 5/2011 to 12/2012
Ökömökö, a Finnish online scrapbooking store 2/2010 to 12/2012

Guest design during past 12 months:

Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 11/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacurer 10/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 09/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 08/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 07/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 06/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 05/2017
Carabelle Studio, manufacturer 05/2017
"Crazy Clusters" by Janna Werner, online workshop 05/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 04/2017
Carabelle Studio, manufacturer 04/2017
Mixed Media and Art, challenge site 03/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 03/2017
Jehkotar Craft challenge, challenge site 02/2017
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 02/2017
CSI GDT, challenge site 01/2017
Words and Paintery, challenge site 12/2016
Scrap The Girls, challenge site 11/2016
Elizabeth Craft Designs, manufacturer 11/2016

Workshops and demos in past two years:


in person workshops at TaavaNainen (shop), Helsinki, Finland
in person workshop at Perniö, Finland
in person workshop at Ihan Itse (shop), Kokkola, Finland
in person workshops at Klemmarikellari (shop), Turku, Finland
guesting at an online workshop at Big Picture Classes - Crazy Clusters
in person workshop at Version Scrap (event), Paris, France
in person workshop at Marika Calligraphy's workspace (artist), Ilmajoki, Finland
demos at Leimailutaivas (craft event), Vantaa, Finland
in person workshops at Craftique (shop), Espoo, Finland


in person workshops in Createlier Caracolle (shop), Liege, Belgium
in person workshop in Donno (shop), Halikko, Finland
in person workshops in Scrapdraken (shop), Uppsala, Sweden
in person workshop in Ihan Itse (shop), Kokkola, Finland
in person workshops in Art Workshops (event organizer), United Kingdom
in person workshops in Askartelupirtti (craft event), Tampere, Finland
in person workshop in TaavaNainen (shop), Helsinki, Finland
in person workshops in Klemmarikellari (shop), Turku, Finland
demo/make and take in Leimailutaivas (craft event), Vantaa, Finland
demo/make and take in CreativeWorld (craft fair), Frankfurt, Germany

Publications during last 12 months:



Craft Stamper December 2017
Mention in "A note from the Editor", p. 3
Photo of the project, p. 5
Article "Wishing You a Quirky Christmas", p. 14-17
Card "Winter flowers", p. 56
Detail of the card, p. 59


Mixed Up magazine October/November 2017
Detail of the project, p. 5
Article "The Fire Inside", p. 6-9


Craft Stamper October 2017
3D project "Sacred Steampunk Birdies", p. 51
Card "There are Always Flowers", p. 56
Article "Masterclass Tea", p. 70-75
Detail of the project, p. 77


Craft Stamper September 2017
Mention in "A note from the Editor", p. 3
Photo of the project, p. 5
Article "Creative Upcycling", p. 22-25
Card "Apple of My Eye", p. 58

Ihana 3/2017
Detail of the project, p. 4
Article "Oodi ainutlaatuisuudelle", p. 50-53


Mixed Up magazine - special scrapbooking issue summer 2017
Detail of the project in the cover
Detail of the project, p. 5
Article "Let It Shine", p. 38-41
Detail of the project, p. 119

Craft Stamper August 2017
Card "Sunny Hello Beach", p. 57
Project photo on upcoming issue, p. 82


Craft Stamper July 2017
Article "Masterclass Gel Medium Magic", p.70-75

Mixed Up magazine June/July 2017
Article "Water sports", p. 58-61
Article "Favorite five", p. 67-69
Detail of a project, p. 105


Craft Stamper June 2017
Photo of a project, p. 4
Article "Vintage Feelings", p. 28-30


Ihana 2/2017
Article "Värikästä leimailemalla", p. 48-51

Craft Stamper May 2017
Article "Alternative Materials", p. 33-36
Project photo on upcoming issue, p. 82

Mixed Up magazine April/May 2017
Article "Stay in Bloom", p. 12-15


Craft Stamper April 2017
Card "Without the Rain...", p.50


Craft Stamper March 2017
Card "I Will Catch You", p.55

Ihana 1/2017
Article "Pullokynttilänjalat", p. 44-46

Mixed Up magazine February 2017
Detail of a project, p. 2
Article "Play On", p.4-7
Detail of a project, p. 89


Craft Stamper February 2017
Upcoming card, sneak peek of the March issue, p.82

Mixed Up magazine January 2017
Detail of a project, p. 2
Article "Drops of joy", p. 82-86



Craft Stamper January 2017
Detail of a project, p.5
Article "Just a Pinch of Salt", p. 10-12
Detail of a project, p. 77

Mixed Up magazine December 2016
Article "Rosebud", p. 12-15


Craft Stamper December 2016
Article "Masterclass: Playing with PanPastels", p. 70-76
Detail of a project, p. 77


Craft Stamper November 2016
Card "You're out of This World", p. 56

Mixed Up magazine October 2016
Article "Denim Blues", p. 4-7


Craft Stamper October 2016
Mention in editorial, p. 3
Project photo, p. 5
Article "Acrylic Washes and Stencil Play", p. 18-21
Card "Magical Day", p. 57
Detail of a project, p. 77


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