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Hi there people! Here's a little something I created for Spread Your Wings Academy, part 3. The whole Academy post went live yesterday in Finnabair's blog (link) and this time the topic is stamping. So whether you are new to stamping or want to try something new, I'm pretty sure you'll find something inspiring in the post!

I'm pretty sure that this doesn't come as a shock to you but I love stamps! They are versatile and can change the mood or the look of a project totally. While my favorite medium to use with the stamps is Jet Black or Watering Can Archival Ink, there’s way more mediums you can stamp with. 

I created these simple little ATCs by stamping with three different mediums. They all give a different, specific look none of which is quite as detailed as the one using ink. But these kinds of images are perfect for backgrounds or just as the vocal point in a CAS style card. As the mediums are wetter than normal, regular ink, the images also look wetter. That is to say they have a watercolor look to them. 

1) The first background is made by stamping with mist. Just spray some mist to your craft sheet or a piece of plastic and use that pool of mist like an ink pad. You can use just one color in the stamp as mixing two would only result a mixed colored mist pool. This is the smudgiest of the three.

2) The second background is stamped using water color pencils. First add a touch of water to the stamp either by misting it delicately or rubbing the surface with a wet finger. Then color the stamp using the pencils. You can mix different colors as you can add them individually. The outcome is the most detailed as this techinique has the least amount of water involved. 

3) The third background is made using Gelatos. You have two choises – either add some water first to the stamp and then color or vice versa. As the Gelatos are creamier, heavier than water color pencils they might need an extra touch of water to really transfer the image. Like with the pencils, you can again mix colors within one image as you add each color on its own. 

To unify the three I then added stamping also by using Archival Ink. I double stamped the vocal clocks using the same technique as in the background but then layered another stamping on top using Archival Ink. I also added some embellishments and a quote to each card.

Like always, these are ready for grabs! Please just mail me if you want one. Also the Leon ones (link) are free if red color scheme is more your cup of tea.

What’s you favorite medium to use with stamps?

Materials used:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Design Memory Craft, 7 Gypsies


My Musician - Scrap FX

If you have watched my videos before, you've heard my husband's music. He's my court composer and all the music in my videos is by him. So I decided to make a page about that - he being my musician. He has a day job but his passion is music. He's now about to have his second CD released so the page is kind of celebrating that, too. This is my second page for Scrap FX this month with the new products - I posted the first "hubsie" layout yesterday (link).

I used a photo of my hubby and our younger daughter in the page. In the photo he's helping her to play a guitar he built for them. It's a miniature version of the "normal" sized instrument so it's easier for the kids to play.

I shot a video while working on the page. I actually had an oopsie in the making but thought to leave it in there as to show how I went around the mistake. I was inking the stamp with black Archival Ink when the stamp slipped from my fingers and landed on the layout, of course the inked side down. It left a ghostly like impression on the paper so I had to add similar kinds of impressions to other places too. But I guess from the finished page you couldn't tell which was which.

Oh, if you are wondering what's the white paper among the paper layers - it's a map how to add the cables in a gig my husband made for himself. He wanted certain instruments to go via distortion and wondered how to rig it so he drew a map for himself. Of course, I wanted the finished piece for my page when he didn't use it anymore.

Thank you for your visit today! Great start to the new week!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, American Crafts, Design Memory Craft, Ranger


Wroom - Scrap FX

Sunny Saturday! Over the weekend I'm sharing two pages with the new Scrap FX release of chipboards and other products! Both of the pages have my husband in them, that's why I titled the original post "hubsie layouts" (link). The term is from a Instagram photo by Terhi (link) and I found it so wonderful that it stuck with me.

This first one of the two layouts is about conversations while driving. I don't know why but some of the best conversations we've had is in a car. The kids usually sleep during the longer drives so that leaves just the two of us awake and it's really fun to talk about philosophy or music or arts or anything along the way.

I started the page by stamping a panel of numbers to the page. For that I used the "Number Panel" stamp and acrylic paints. On top I added a few mist touches using the "Grunge" stencil and then added another kind of numbers using the "Number" stamp. I also drew some triangles in there with a pencil. The embellishments include chippies from the new collection, like the "Ring of Arrows" on top of the photo.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Design Memory Craft, Teippitarha, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, A Flair for Buttons


Magical Tea ATC, take 2 - Artists Live

Hi there and lovely Friday! Before the weekend I'd like to share some ATCs that are now on their way or partially already arrived to their new homes. These ones were created during an earlier Artists Live Ustream show.  Here's a link to the Ustream recording if you wish to see how they were created or then you can see the video below as we load all our shows to YouTube, too.

If these look familiar, it might because I blogged the samples earlier (link). From that earlier post you'll also find some links to the products I used in the creation.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you all an awesome weekend! 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Carabelle Studio, Ranger, 7 Gypsies


Heart of Gold - Mixed Media Place

Thursday already! Soon it's weekend time! But today I have something a bit different to share with you - a pendant made for Mixed Media Place. It was posted there yesterday (link).

This piece got its start when I saw one of the hearts of the Archival Cast line in the Mixed Media Place's shop and thought it might make a nice pendant. When I then got the actual piece it was a bit bigger than I thought, but I still went along with my idea. Maybe it’s fit for a rap artist? 

As you can see from the video above, I turned the pendant into golden one with the help of a few mediums. Most of all I wanted to add shine to the piece with Fab Foil. But as that really shines, I needed then to tone the piece down. A perfect medium for that was Black Gesso combined with Gold Mica. What the Mica does is adds just a tad warmth and shine to the gesso.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a pleasant evening!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powders, Ranger, Tonic Studios, Tattered Angels


Flower card - Artists Live

Hi there! Next Monday this is something I'm going to do in the Artists Live Ustream show! You have noticed the awesome channel already? We have a free Ustream show every Monday evening (Finnish time)/ day (US time). 

You can find all the info about the shows in the Artists Live Facebook page (link) - there we also every time update the following event info. You can easily see what time the show will be in your time show by clicking to the event and moving your mouse over the time, Facebook then converts it to match your time zone!

During this one hour show I'm going to do some gelliprinting and then using one of the prints as the base to my card. On top I'm going to layer even more acrylic paint two ways and last finish the piece with some stamping and glittery details.

So please join me next Monday, the 27th, and let's make this card together! Underneath is a list of supplies needed for it!

Materials for the project:

Acrylic paints
Gelli plate
Watercolor paper
Black and white patterned papers
Archival Ink: Jet Black, Watering Can

Materials: Ranger, Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Wow Embossing Powder, Gelliarts


Ilo - Mixed Media Place

Joyous Tuesday! This month we have a way with words over at Mixed Media Place (link)! The new challenge over there is "One Important Word". So have you got a special or favorite word? Something that empowers you or something that always makes you smile? A word that only you and a loved one knows? You can create any project - a card, a layout, a canvas or something totally different. We hope that you'll play along!

I had an amazing opportunity to take a workshop with two amazing teachers – Nathalie Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen here in Finland. That workshop really made me a color addict! So when I was thinking about the challenge piece, I wanted to create something with the teachings in mind. 

The word got me really thinking. There’s plenty of important words like love, caring, cherish and such. But the first thing I decided that the word needed to be in my mother tongue – Finnish. It was hard to choose but actually the playing with colors helped and I chose to go with “ilo” which means joy. 

To me that refers not just to the joys of my life (like my family) and to the joy of creating but the overall attitude towards life and happenings.

Now it's your time to think about your important word and play along! Thank you for stopping by today! Joyous evening!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: Talens, Ranger, American Crafts, Prima Marketing, Teippitarha, Design Memory Craft

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