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Good Saturday evening! Not long ago two projects by me were published in the Scarp FX blog. You can see the original post here (link). Usually I have something that connects the projects, but this time they are quite different. I made a layout celebrating my father's new dog and then there's a set of cards, which I shall blog tomorrow. The projects don't have a similar color scheme or theme, other than the theme of the new Scrap FX product release, but what they do have in common is the strong vision I had for both when seeing the new products.

Like I said, this layout is about my father's new dog. She's over a year now, but in the picture she's still a puppy. The color scheme of the page came from her coloring - she has black, white and beautiful brown color. So I used the same palette in my page as the topic of it has!

I started the page with some watercolors and then added some stenciling and stamping there as well. I mixed items from the new collection to the existing ones - like using the paw stamp but also the seaweed stencil. On top I then layered some patterned papers and the photo and then used different chipboards to decorate the page. As they fit the color scheme as they were, I left them untreated.

This time I recorded a video to show you my process on the page. Hope you like it!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons


This is Happiness - 7 Dots Studio

It's Friday! Are you planning on having some crafty time during the weekend? Well, there's a great challenge over at 7 Dots Studio (link) to get you going or maybe you can find inspiration in this video I did. You can see the original post on the 7 Dots Studio blog here (link)

The topic of the page is my darling husband. I just love these kinds of photos, him with either or both of our girls, goofing around. As the topic of the page is happy and joyous, I wanted the colors and embellishments to bring out that feeling as well. So I chose to go with yellow, orange and red. 

I started the page with monoprinting using a small Gelliplate and then continued building layers with acrylic paints and stamping. I also added both white and golden glitter splashes to the page. When adding the final touches, I also added some rhinestones to add more of that sparkle!

I did a couple of things differently this time. First of all, this video is my very first voice over one. First? you say. Yes, this was the first one I did - but when the publishing time came, some of the videos passed this one. But please tell me what you like! I guess this video has the same problem than the one I published already with the volume level, but I've tried to better than in the future ones.

I also made this video longer than my usual ones. I was asked to show more about the paper layering and embellishing process so instead of editing those out, I left them in. Hope you like it! 

Thank you for stopping by today and thank you for watching! Wishing you a fine day and great start to the weekend!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Soulmates - Squares Mask
Homegrown – Clear Stamps 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, GelliArts, Ranger, Um Wow Studio, Sakura, Prima Marketing


Watercolor panel - Prima Marketing

As I blogged yesterday, there's a series of watercolor posts going in the Prima blog. Prima has many different watercolor mediums so there's something for everybody!

To create this home décor panel I used some lovely Bloom stamps. I started by stamping two of the large flowers and then masked them with paper to create a lovely bunch of flowers. I then embossed the bouquet with white embossing powder.

To color the flowers I used two of the watercolors sets, the Tropicals and Decadent Pies. For the first layer I used wet on wet technique to get the flowers soft-looking but the other layers, the shadows, I painted wet on dry.

Have a great day! 


585662 – 12x12 Watercolor Panel
584276 – Watercolor Set Decadent Pies
584269 – Watercolor Set Tropicals
585891 – Water Brush Set
580421 – Water Brush set 
962760 – Brush Set 
980313 – Bloom Girl stamp Floral
980528 – Bloom Girl stamp Birds

Materials: Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder


Love you - Prima Marketing

Hi there and great Wednesday! There's a series of different watercolor mediums going in Prima's blog - yesterday it was about watercolor pencils (link) and today it's about the watercolor sets (link). One of the projects in today's post is by me, this layout I did.

Watercolor confection header

The page is about my two lovely girls. They’ve always on the go and inventing things. In the picture they’re taking a bow after a dance act they did for us. Of course I have pictures about the show itself but I though this “action” shot was the best one to capture the atmosphere. 

I used watercolors in a few ways on this page. The background is done using the paints. First I painted some gold and green to the paper and then stamped some color on top two ways – using a stamp and also some cling film. The end result is lovely grungy, shabby styled effects on the background.

I also colored the embellishments using watercolors – gold for the metal heart, pinks for the flowers, green on top of the Wood Icons and all the mentioned to the wire. As the Icons are really smooth, I added a coat of clear gesso first to have something for the paint to grab on to.

Thank you for your visit! Please visit the Prima blog also as there's a ton of magnificent watercolor ideas there!


990831 – Tales of You and Me – Jardin de Fleurs
990749 – French Riviera – Cote d’Azur 
847159 – Debutante Collection – Lovely Flowers
584276 – Watercolor Set Decadent Pies
584269 – Watercolor Set Tropicals
583696 – Paper Doily White
586706 – Box Flowers Sweet Vintage
586836 – Crown Gold 
582524 – Royal Menagerie Wood Icons 
582326 – Royal Menagerie SIIC
963361 – Mechanicals Tin Hearts 
963408 – Mechanicals Grungy Butterflies 
960315 – Mechanicals Flowers Medium
572068 – Wire Thread White
961466 – Clear Gesso 
962050 – Rust and Dust Cling Stamp Set 
585891 – Water Brush Set
580421 – Water Brush set 
962760 – Brush Set

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Flower ATC

Hi there! How's your week started? Today I'm sharing a couple of ATCs I made as a workshop sample for the coming workshops in Belgium. I was asked to create a bit lighter cards compared to the darker ones I have in the workshop picture so I made these. Not totally pastel still, but a lot lighter!

Talking about workshops, have you noticed the side panel and the workshops there? Next one is at Kokkola in about a week and then there's another one coming to Turku on the same date as the one that's already full. I'll post about it again, soon. And there's one seat left in Kokkola! See furter info from the links at the sidebar. Kursseista puheenollen, Kokkolan kurssilla olisi tilaa yhdelle ja Turkuun on tulossa samasta kurssista kakkosversio, sillä ensimmäinen on jo täynnä. Lisätietoja sivupalkin linkeistä!

I'm also planning my workshop timetable for next year and I have to say I'm so grateful that I'm able to do that! So if you'd wish a workshop with me, please don't hesitate to mail as the 2017 months are going fast!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you sunshine! 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie


Mixed media pencil case - Craft Stamper

Hello and lovely Sunday! Here's a little something I created for Craft Stamper magazine, more over to an article "Gelli Plate Patterns" in April 2016 issue. The article was about using Gelli Plate with acrylic paints and creating a one of a kind piece of fabric. 

This piece had a few sources of inspiration. First was the awesome workshop Nathalie Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen held in Turku last year. I've owned a Gelli Plate for some time, but it's not been my great love. What I learned during the workshop is that for one, it's all about the layers and two, my Gelli Plate was too big for my use. So after that I bought a smaller one and I've done a lot more printing since then!  

Other source of inspiration for the piece was the ongoing textile trend. At least I have noticed textiles and fabrics popping up here and there in the course of the last couple of years. Naturally there's a huge amount of mixed media artists working solely with textiles but to my eyes there's more and more mixing things up going - adding different materials and trying out new things in the big field of mixed media blog world.

I had so much fun doing this piece! Not only playing with the Gelli Plate but also sewing the little pencil case. At first I was trying to think how to sew the case, but then I thought not to be silly and use the variety of sewing tutorials available on the net. I actually then followed this one (link) with a few minor differences.

Thank you for stopping by today and wishing you a lovely start to the new week!

Materials: Stampendous, Gelli Arts, Ranger, The Crafter’s Workshop, Prima Marketing, Talens


Black and red notebooks - Scrap FX

Hello there! Today I'm sharing a couple of notebooks I did using ScrapFX supplies. All of the notebooks have similar layers and techniques, but the chippies and embellishments are different.

I used similar colors in each one as they are gifts to be given on the same occasion. There's a bunch of people traveling to see our favorite band in August and these notebooks are for that company. Each one of them has a black background, painted with black gesso and then mist, paint and PanPastels on top in pinks, blacks and reds.

Each of the books has a dimensional stenciled background to create texture. I used Modeling Paste for that. What the books also have in common, is the use of the year chippies - 2016. The other chipboard shapes and embellishments vary, but I used the year in each one.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope I have inspired you with these notebook covers!


Materials: Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Pan Pastels

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