Party - Prima BAP October

Hopefully you are having a sweet day! I created this page to Prima's current BAP challenge. I just loved the circle element there! I used one of my favorite color schemes in it - pink and yellow. The topic of the page is my older daughter's birthday party.

I've been hanging on to these photos for almost a year. I knew immediately that I wanted to scrap the photos, but somehow it took me this long to find the right inspiration. Somehow everything clicked last weekend when I was at Terhi's place with a few other lovely ladies, Veera and Taru. I really enjoyed spending time with them crafting! Thank you ladies! Looking already forward to our next date!

But back to the page. I used gesso in the background and then added PanPastels through a stencil on top. Of course I also needed to add a few flicks of mist in there, too and some stamping. I doodled the big circle using a roll of tape as my guide. I also doodled a few circles here and there with a pencil.

On top of the mixed media inspired background I then layered the patterned papers - like I do. The decorations include the new Finnabair glass beads, some Prima blooms and also some pink thread - thank you Terhi for that! There's also some of the oh so lovely Prima jewels. The chevrons leading the eye are done with Epiphany Crafts tool. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Tomorrow I'll share my take on the Prima PPP!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastel, Design Memory Craft, Tattered Angels, Epiphany Crafts


Direction - Mixed Media Place

Hello there! There's a new challenge and a new style of challenges in the Mixed Media Place's blog! In the months to come, the Mixed Media Place team will bring you some art exercises. Because you know, creativity is just like a muscle - you need to be using it regularly, practice, bend and stretch, like the wording says in the MMP blog. 

"The plan is that every month each of our fantastic Design Team members is going to design a special challenge. Every month it will be different, every time it will give you a great opportunity to get some art workout. So if you feel stuck or if you feel like you need some practice or... simply feel like having some fun - join us in our Creative Gym!"

The first exercise is by Tusia and the challenge is to use black, white and grey plus your favorite color. Challenging, but fun, right?

If you have been visiting here some time, you probably have noticed the amount of blueish-turquoise colored crafts so the choice of the color wasn't that hard. I used turquoise only in my background to make the area of the photo pop. All the patterned papers and details are otherwise within the monochromatic color scheme.

My topic in the page is looking for and finding a direction. We have had some major changes at work which have lead me to think about what I'd like to do when I grow up. I still don't have an answer, but there's been a lot of pondering and I've learnt what I don't want to do.

Thank you for visiting today! Have a nice day! 

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Design Memory Craft, Sodalicious, American Crafts, Pink Paislee


Good times - GDT Epiphany Carfts

Hello there! I made two pages with the Epiphany Crafts circle tool some time ago and here's the other one. You can see them both in Epiphany Craft's blog.

The page is about a concert I attended this spring which had three bands playing and they all are my favorites. It was like a jackpot! The picture collage lead my choice of colors so I used red, blue and purple in the page together with black and dark grey.

In order to get the colors showing from the dark background I started the page by adding some white gesso on to it. I also could have used acrylic paints as they have more coverage than the watercolor style Gelatos I used, but the mood would have been completely different. In order to get the playful effect also the stage lights had, I used Gelatos and treated them like watercolors.

Can you spot the Round 25 embellishments in the page? Here's the tools I used to create them! The lighter ones on the side are done with Gelatos - applying the crayon to white paper and then treating the marks with water. You can create a similar effect of course with many different mediums.

The darker ones around the photo are made using embossing powders. And here comes the funny part - I didn't emboss a piece of cardstock but added the powders straight to the adhesive side of the bubble caps! The only thing that you have to take into consideration is heating with care. The powder needs to melt but you can't over-heat the epoxy shape, otherwise it'll melt. So take time and concentrate on the shape. If it starts to warp because of the heat, you can always press it a little with something smooth. But be aware! The shapes get really hot! Don't burn your fingers!

Here's the watercolor style Rounds. I added something extra to a few with stamps. Use an ink that is suitable for sleek surfaces like StazOn and use the stamp with out the acrylic block so you can warp it around the dimensional shape. The smallest detail can make a huge impact! Try for example stamping a date or a word on top of the bubble cap!

And here are the embossed Rounds! I used several powders to make them fit to the colors I was using. I sprinkled a little of each powder on top of the adhesive in the back and then covered the shape totally with the last powder to get a full coverage. After the shapes had cooled I then adhered a piece of white cardstock to the back to really show off the colors.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great evening!

Supplies from Epiphany Crafts:

Materials: Epiphany Crafts, 7 Dots Studio, 3rd Eye, Talens, Design Memory Craft, Wow! Embossing Powders, Sodalicious, ColorConspiracy, Ranger, Tsukineko


Stockholm - 7 Dots Studio

Hi there and good evening! How's your week started? We have a new challenge at 7 Dots Studio so if you have creative time during the week it would be lovely to see you link your work there! 

The challenge this time is textures. The rules are simple: you need to create any project with at least two different textures. It can be a card, a layout or an off the page project. Anything! In your creation you need to use at least one 7 Dots Studio product. Then publish your project on your blog with a link to our challenge and also include the “inspirational circle” in your post. And the last step is to use the inlinkz tool in the 7 Dots Studio blog and link your challenge post into it. 

Here's my take on the challenge. I used paper and canvases with different kind of surfaces to create the layers to my layout and also included thread, metal and wood to the mix so there's a lot of different textures in the piece. You have the sleekness of the metal and glass, the softness of the paper and the surface structures of the fabrics.

The topic of the page is me and my family visiting Stockholm when I was little. I actually don't have any memories of my own about that trip but I do love the photos that my parents have taken during the trip. Funnily too, Stockholm was the first trip we did as a family with our first born, when I was expecting our younger one. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today! Wishing you all a great week ahead! 

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Nature Walk - 6x6 Pad
Nature Walk - Tags 
Messy Head - Elements 6x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Um Wow Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Design Memory Craft, Tattered Angels


I love math - made with stamps by Birgit Koopsen

Hello blog world! How are you doing? I'm broken the daily posting routine a few times this month but shall try to recover and  continue posting daily. I guess partly my husband's long trip to US affected that I'm a bit off my regular schedule.

But on today's craft! This page is done using the stamp designs by Birgit Koopsen, designed for the Carabelle Studio. If I saw correctly this page was showed at the Stempel Mekka show where the stamps were launced. I've used all the three sets Birgit sent me in this page - the washi tapes here and there, the French Lily embossed in the background and the "Layered Strips" in the vellum.

The story of the page is in a nut shell in the title - I love math! The journaling tells how I hated math in the first grades of the comprehensive school, about when I was seven or eight, but gradually felt it was ok after all. In the upper comprehensive school I absolutely adored math - cracking the equations, solving the x:s and the quadratic equations. I ended up liking the math so much that when I went to the high school (age 16), I chose the longer, more extensive studies in maths. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Please come again and leave me a comment if you want me to visit your blog! Wishing you a great start to the week!

Stamps used:


Materials: Carabelle Studio, 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Epiphany Crafts, Wow! Embossing Powders, We Are Memory Keepers, American Crafts, Teippitarha, Design Memory Craft


Scrappetreff - workshops in Norway

Hi there! I have some great news to share! Or rather, I hope you have noticed them already! 

If you have taken a look at my sidebar lately, you probably have noticed the little new icon there is. Like it says in the header and in that icon - I'm flying to Norway to keep workshops! Wohoo! I'm so excited and honored and at the same time scared! I've kept workshops in Finnish about two-three years now, but this time I will teach in English. I understand there's just a few spaces left to the event so if you want to attend, please register now! Here's a link to tell you how (link).

I will be teaching three classes during the weekend. There's going to be two layout workshops "Heart full of song" and "We shaped the world aRound" and also an ATC workshop "Unfamiliar flowers glow on the shore". You can read more about the workshops here (link)

Thank you for stopping by! It would be lovely to see you in Norway! Wishing you all a great weekend!

Ps. If you have any questions, please just leave a comment or send me a mail!



Inspiration: Music

Some time ago I asked in my blog's Facebook what you'd like me to post about. Of course I shall continue sharing the crafts and DT work I do, but I wondered if there's something more that you'd like to know. Like something about the medium I use, my favorite gesso brand or similar. What was suggested was a post about inspiration. So I decided to start a series of post concentrating on something that inspires me. I shall do them on a monthly basis and let's see how it goes.

The first topic that popped into my head when thinking about inspiration wasn't the other blogs and tutorials and Pinterest and Facebook even though they provide a constant stream of inspiration. The first one was music.

I listen to music whenever I craft alone. That is to say when I have an evening shift and it's only me in the house during the day. I listen to music when I go to work and come home from work. We usually also have some sort of music playing in the background in our home. And my husband makes his own instruments and music so music really plays a big part in our lives.

Usually music is just there, providing something interesting to the ear when I use my eyes and hands to create. But sometimes the piece of music is so inspiring or the band so influential to me that it has to have a work of its own. These versions have only started to emerge, I guess partly because I'm being more experimental or confident about the things I do. For example I created the "Heart of Turisas" based on a song by one of my favorite bands. Or the altered guitar I made for Finnabair team using the "Overboard" as a source of inspiration. (Links take to my previous blog posts and have the songs linked to them.)

There are some pieces of music that have a deep effect on me. I connect them to certain moments or emotions. One of the most important pieces of music, "Myrskylintu" I have scarpbooked twice. And I still think I need to do something inspired by the song. I want to document this song to my kids and somehow try to capture its effect on me and how it feels to me to listen the song.

So music can provide inspiration in many ways. It can be directly the subject, the topic of the craft like in scrapbooking pages about a certain song or a band. Or it can resonate into a piece of its own, more like an interpretation of the song itself like a canvas, a set of ATCs or a page in an art journal. Or then it just can help the creative process by just being there, setting the mood for the day, providing maybe the color scheme.

If you want to use music as inspiration, here's a few ideas:

- document your favorite song: make a scrapbooking page, a note or a page to your art journal (or do exactly the opposite, document the piece of music you really dislike)

- put some music on and use the feeling as a base to your craft: is it gloomy, happy, serene, energetic? Or what color it is - blue, red, white?

- be inspired by the lyrics: use them as the title, the jumping of point to your journaling or topic

- ensure that you have documented your wedding song or some other song connected to a major point in your life: make a page about it and document it or craft a canvas based on the song and show it off

- take out your favorite medium whether it be crayons or water colors, put some music on and just have fun: make lines or blobs of paint if the music feels so or draw a detailed picture, then use the piece as a piece for another craft or hung to your wall as such

I hope you found this post interesting! Please feel free to add other ideas how to use music as an inspiration source or share a link to your crafts! Thank you for stopping by today! 
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