Keyhole - Scrap FX

Hello there! It's ScrapFX dayin my blog today! I'm sharing the first monthly project for Scrap FX. I used a monochromatic background paper and a photo but added colors with watercolors and acrylic paints.

The photo in the page is taken by my daughter. She just loves to take photos! Unfortunately the little camera we had broke and now we only have the big SLR cameras which are too heavy for her to hold and use. But luckily I have photos from that little camera. Some of them were just screens of black or grey, but in the middle of those there's pearls like this - a shot from the floor with the toys around and her sister's foot as well.

I titled the layout with the word "keyhole" as these pictures present like a keyhole to their, her and her sister's, games. Of course I can and will watch them play but it's not the same when they notice that they're being watched. Then it becomes more of a performance than just pure play. There's something captivating and magical in the photos she has taken as I get to peek inside her world, see through her eyes. So of course I had to add a keyhole chippie into the layout. I colored it black using a felt pen.

I started the page by adding the chipboard alphas to the page. I just used whatever letters I had left so there's not a certain word underneath the composition. Then I colored the letters and around them using the new Prima watercolors and then layered some stenciling on top using Modeling Paste and the "Words of Wisdom" stencil - it's one of my favorites, the letters are just the right size! I also used the "Triangles" stencil to draw some shapes to the background and "Chevron Border" stamp to stamp a few arrows on the right side.

I used tiny stars from the "Seeing Stars" set colored in black as embellishments together with some stickers. There's also hearts in two sizes - bigger one stamped with acrylic paint using one of the "Ragged Hearts" stamps and the smaller ones are from "Lots of Love" set painted pink using the same paint.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Design Memory Craft, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger


Inspired By... talisman

It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month awesome Marsha and I choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be a movie (link)an item (link)a designer (link), a painting (link) or a piece of music (link). Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month.

As you can see from the title this time we went with a talisman. Let me explain. I was following CHA posts really eagerly and we sort of agreed that this month's theme could be related to CHA. If something should spark my imagination, I could suggest it to Marsha and we could see if there would be a new IB subject. 

What immediately resonated with me was a video filmed in the Ice Resin booth. Here's a link if you want to see it (link). So I mailed the link to Marsha without specifying a theme. I had something in my mind but I didn't want to limit her too much by suggesting a theme straight away. So understandably she was a bit puzzled and suggested several themes based on the video. She listed many things, including talisman. What spoke to me the most in the video were the mixed media pieces of jewelry and the idea of having something personal in the necklace, the idea of talisman.

So when we decided on the theme I already was set my mind to do a piece of jewelry. But now came the question - what to do? Mixed media would allow me to do anything, I mean anything so no help on that direction. I started to think about the talisman part. I've always loved crows and ravens. I find them absolutely beautiful with their pure black or black and grey feathers. They are also really wise and somehow I feel to have a connection to them. So a crow it would be. 

We have a red wedding kimono hanging in our living room, next to my craft space behind the couch. It's been there more or less since 2008 so the garment really could need a rest. I mean it has been taken down a few times but it really could use a longer time in a box, resting. I've been thinking what to put there instead and when I saw this fabulous piece of art by my co-worker (link), I thought to ask if she could do a wall-hanging sort piece there. As I was thinking about the wall hanging at the same time as thinking about this piece and then turned my head also to the brooches I made some time ago, I decided to go with fabric as the base for the creation. 

I'm a costume designer by education so fabric is familiar material to me and in the recent years I've been drawn to that again. I mean, I sew costumes for my two daughters every year on their birthday, but otherwise my sewing machine stays hidden in a cupboard. So including fabric and sewing would make sense and put the machines I have more to use. What I did for this piece was to dig into my piles of fabric and take some white felt and a piece of black sating to go with. I cut the felt into a circle and a little triangle of the satin. Then I first painted some white gesso haphazardly to the felt and sketched a bird on top using black gesso. After the paints had dried I then stitched the piece of satin to the crow's body and started embroider some feathers into him. I finished the piece with some glass beads and gold thread.

I really wanted to have the bird whole black, the only colors coming from the stitches - like an oily surface with rainbow colors reflecting from it. Maybe the reason for this was that I normally wear only black myself, so the bird would represent me in a way. What I also wanted it to have was an open beak - it's not a passive being but in fact keeping a noise (and such a noise! Even if I adore crows I can't say that their voice is beautiful. I do love their cawing, but it's definitely not lovely chirping but something deeper). 

When I had the embroidered piece ready came the part to add it to something to make it a piece of jewelry. Then I remembered that I had some Pebeo resin left in my drawer! So I mixed the rest of the stuff I had, used a Mechanical packaging as my mold and cast the piece of felt inside resin. What surprised me was its effect on the colors and the beads! Almost all of the details in the crow were lost in the process! But on the other hand my goal was to make a talisman and inspiration became of those hidden details. I know what's in there even if it's not obvious to the others. 

Maybe I should also mention the necklace I then used to wear this piece around my neck. Early on I knew that it would be the one so I purchased a loop so big that it would go to the band. The metal ring is a gift from my husband. It's from the same jeweler that our wedding rings. It's really plain (like our rings) but to me it always felt missing something. So now I have something I can use with it or then use the band just as it is. 

But now it's time to go visit Marsha! Here's the link to her post (link), I bet she's again done something really magical! 

PS. By the way, if you look at the Frankfurt photos really closely (link), you see me wear this piece. It was my goal to get it on the first day while demoing, kind of giving me strength and courage. I guess that's what talismans are for. 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pebeo, Kreinik, Design Memory Craft, Sharpie


Metallic flower - Artists Live

Hello there! Yesterday Keren made a fabulous layout in Artists Live show using some new products from Pentart. Did you see it? If not, you can watch the YouTube recording here (link) from Artists Live YouTube channel. 

Next Monday I'll be on and doing a metallic, mechanical flower using some of the new Finnabair mediums! The Facebook event page is here (link) and the show takes place in Artists Live Ustream channel (here) which I hope you are familiar with!

The idea behind this was to do something mixed media and something altered but also something that could be done in an hour. I'm pretty sure will finish early with this piece, though! But most of the altered projects are such that they are one of a kind things and thus take a lot of time and also aren't repeatable for the show. 

Underneath you can see the materials I'm going to be using. Or what I'm going to do before I start the show is should I do a copy of the project already done or change the color as there's many yummy colors in the new Art Alchemy paints! 

Hope you can join the show! Thank you for stopping by today!


Wooden bobbin
Plastic cap 
Decorative pins

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


Dreams are for chasing

Hi there! Not so long ago I got asked to do a page for an online publication and here's my take on the color theme. The magazine is called Turtle Soup Magazine and here's the link to the post where the magazine is (link). There's cards, layouts and other projects to inspire you so suggest you take a look!

And talking about publications, underneath is a sneak of something I created for an issue of Histoires de Pages. The magazine is in the stores, so go and grab your copy!

But back to the layout shown in the big picture! The layout is done about the shirt I'm wearing in the photo. But it's also more. It's about chasing the dreams, about going for it and doing something crazy. 

Ready, steady and go, go chase your dreams!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sharpie, Ranger, Teippitarha


Askartelupirtti 16.4.2016


Hi there! This post is about workshops in Tampere, Finland so I'll be posting in Finnish today. If you'd like to have a in person workshop me, please visit the "workshops" page and get in touch! Have a great start to the new week! 

Heippa! Iloisia uutisia! Askartelupirtin kurssit on julkistettu ja mukana on kaksi kurssia minulta! Tampereen seudulle oli kyselty kovin kursseja, joten aina kannattaa laittaa viestiä ja kurssitoivetta - toiveet voivat käydä toteen. Liikun mielläni sinne, minne pyydetään! 

Alla löytyy lisätietoa kursseistani Pirtissä. Molemmat sijouttuvat lauantaihin, toinen aamuun ja toinen iltaan. Paikkoja on rajoitetusti, joten kannattaa toimia nopeasti. Toinen kurssi on skräppisivu ja toinen ATC-kortteja, molemmissa luonnollisesti sekatekniikkaa! Molemmat kurssit sopivat hyvin myös heille, jotka haluavat kokeilla skräppäystä taikka sekatekniikkaa ensimmäistä kertaa.  

Koko tapahtuman kurssivalikoimaan pääset tutustumaan tästä linkstä (linkki) ja kurssit ovat ostettavissa Anun Putiikkien nettikaupasta (tässä). Lisätietoa tapahtumasta löytyy täältä, Askartelupirtin blogista (linkki).

Tervetuloa! Olisi kiva nähdä! 

Ps. Jos Tampere ei ole oikea paikka sinulle, kurkkaapa sivupalkista löytyykö sopivampaa kurssipaikkaa! Tilaa on vielä Turussa yhdelle ja Helsingissä useammalle.

ATCt eli "artistic trading card" -kortit ovat mainio paikka erilaisille kokeiluille. Ne ovat ehkä pieniä kooltaan, mutta niihin saa liitettyä tekniikan jos toisenkin. Tällä kurssilla leikitään Finnabairin Art Mediums -tuotteilla ja tehdään kortteja, joissa on erilaisia kerroksia ja sekatekniikkaa. 

Paikkoja on rajoitetusti. Kurssi toteutuu, sillä yli 6 henkilöä on jo ilmoittautunut. Tulen laittamaan osallistujille listaa mukaan otettavista tarvikkeista lähempänä kurssiajankohtaa.

Hinta 32 €/hlö, joka sisältää materiaalipaketin. Kurssipaikan voit ostaa tästä (linkki).

Tällä kurssilla tehdään skräppisivu, jonka tausta luodaan gessolla, misteillä ja leimoilla kerroksia tehden. Näytän lempitaustatekniikkani yksilöllisen taustan tekoon. Päälle kerrostamme papereita ja muita elementtejä luoden yksilöllisen sivun.  

Paikkoja on rajoitetusti. Kurssi toteutuu, jos osallistujia on ainakin 6. Tulen laittamaan osallistujille listaa mukaan otettavista tarvikkeista lähempänä kurssiajankohtaa.

Hinta 32 €/hlö, joka sisältää materiaalipaketin. Kurssipaikan voit ostaa tästä (linkki).


Creativeworld Frankfurt 30.1.-2.2.2016

Hi there! Have you been waiting to hear about the Creativeworld? I got back home Tuesday-Wednesday night and even though I did update the Instagram already I haven't blogged about the experience yet. Well, here we go! Be prepared for a long post with also some info what I though was trendy or hot in there. If you'd rather read something in Finnish or see another set of photos, here's a link to Minna's post (link)! And then there's Sanna's post (link) in English for another set of photos and experience!

The event is the biggest one in Europe and actually consists of three different shows in one place. Or one and one, the whole fair area is huge made our of 11 great halls with multiple stories. There's even mini buses shuttling from one hall to the other so we're not talking about a teeny event here! Part of the sheer volume is the three shows which I mentioned. There's Creativeworld which one I attended and which concentrates on crafty and arty things, Paperworld which is more office supplies oriented and then Christmasword, which like the name says, is all about Christmas and decorations. Here's the official site to the Paperworld (link) and here to Creativeworld (link) if you are interested to study more. 


I was demoing or rather doing a make and take in Prima booth (link) but also had free time to go around the show and even saw a glimpse of the city itself. The event was so amazing and it was truly a pleasure and great honor to work in the Prima booth! I still can hardly believe it but there's the ticket on my table with my name on it (link)

I want to take this opportunity thank everyone who stopped by the booth and said hi and did the make and take - you made the event even more special for me! I'm also in gratitude to the wonderful people with Prima also attending and working in the event, Tami, Molly, Adam and Anna! Beautiful people, great company and awesome chats! 


I started my journey on Saturday morning and was lucky to travel with two other Finns to the show - so thank you for the company Minna Enqvist and Kaarina Korventaka! It was so awesome to have an experienced fair goer as a guide as Kaarina had attended the show many times and boy was it wonderful to see Minna! It has been too long since I last saw her! 

In no time after the plane had landed we were in the show site already and I was getting ready for my first day of make and take! After the work hours I met up with lovely Marsha Valk and Birgit Koopsen and toured a bit of the event before we gathered a bigger ensemble and hit a restaurant with Elina Strömberg, Sanna Lippert, Anna Dabrowska, Minna and Kaarina. It was so awesome to meet everybody and have a chat with them! 

Next day I got some time to tour the show before work and then again afterwards. It was a joy to demo the new products and show how they can be used. And it was also lovely to walk through the show and see the displays and companies. But it was actually Monday, the third day of the show that I really got to tour the show floor as then my make and take was in the morning leaving me the rest of the day off so to say. On that day I also briefly visited Christmasworld as I had been told about the real flowers in there and that it was worth seeing. 

In three days I went through the Creativeworld part of the show so just one hall and its two floors. But it was awesome to really have time to study the booths and talk to the people there. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I highly encourage and recommend it! 

One of the best parts of the event was meeting friends! Marsha, Birgit and me were staying in the same hotel, just one train stop away from the fair area so it was really easy to get there in the mornings and go back in the evening. It was also so lovely to go around the show with these two great ladies!


It was also great to meet crafty friends in real life. Like Karolina Stopyra or Stephanie Schütze or Gerry van Gent! Sanna was working just across the isle in Elisabeth Craft Designs but even though we waved many times a day it was unfortunately little we got to talk too little! 


It was also great to see brands and products I love (besided Prima) live and most importantly meet the people behind them. Carabelle Studio had a lovely booth with the fabulous stamps and new dies, MT Masking Tape's wall was just stunning. I really enjoyed visiting Wow Embossing Powders booth and my tries to take a good selfie with lovely Tania and oh boy was it cool to see the new GelliArts mini shaped plates in real life. I also visited lovely PanPastels and learned about paperclip sculptures, took a selfie at Sizzix, saw interesting new products at Talens and Pentacolor and many more. I even got to see the "must have" stapler live! Oh, can't wait to be able to purchase that one! 


But onward to what I saw in the show. One very visible thing was pens and markers.There was new kind of writing and drawing tools, new nibs and colors. In this time of coloring books this might not be a big surprise actually. There was also a couple of different booths concentrating on calligraphy. Crafty booths had the brush script in their products and then there were calligraphers demoing in the booths concentrating on the art of writing.

The different writing and drawing tools also turned my thoughts to art journaling and one of the booths really stood out on that branch. It was Lamali with stunning books and notebooks! Really hope those land in Finland at some point!


Another strong thing in the show was street art. There was a big section of different works in one of the show levels but the art was visible throughout the show. It was marvelous to see the artists at work! And not only the street artists but there was also comic book artists, mixed media artists and painters! Really captivating to watch them at their work!


Third thing that got my attention was rust. It was in small details or in big surfaces! And I saw at least two different new mediums to make rust or rusty effects. Other textured surfaces like weathered wood were visible, too, but most of all rust. 

Even though I use brushes while crafting, I must admit that it came to me as a surprise actually how many companies there are solely concentrated on creating wonderful brushes! Meter after meter of different brushes with different measurements, different hair and different tips. It was really captivating! 


Last day, the February 2nd, was different from the others as then I hit the city. I was back to the fair later that day, but the morning I spent in an art museum, Städel, and walking through the streets of the city near the main shopping area. It was fun to see other parts of the city as well than just the fair site!

All in all, I had a marvelous time and hope to be able to do that sometime again! Underneath is a something I brought home from the journey, missing the homecoming gifts to my husband and daughters. There's some clock faces and watch parts from Global Solutions Online, a beautiful and special necklace from France Papillon, a lovely stamped rose from HeroArts, a splendid watercolor Molly painted in the Prima booth, golden letter A done in We R Memory Keepers booth and a button from GelliArts booth.

Thank you for your visit today! For more photos, please see my Instagram account (link)!

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