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Today I'm sharing here the first of two pages done for Scrap FX this month with the new release. The other one is sweet, romantic with a touch of vintage in it and other one blue and more modern. Both are still done using mainly the new collection.

Let's start with the vintage styled one. The photo on the page is of my daughter who sat by the window of my mother-in-law's summer cabin just minutes after we had arrived to the place. The light was perfect and luckily I had my camera nearby so I managed to capture the fleeting moment before it was gone. Somehow her pose and the light from the window reminded me about a poet or a painter. To tell you the truth, she was actually sketching and drawing the scenery.

I wanted to make a soft page out of the photo which actually captures something quite essential of my older one. I chose to go with a tiny rose patterned paper which has the air of days gone by and some tea stains, too. I continued the soft look with the chipboards I chose to use but also with the flowers. A touch of earth is also added to the page as I added some acorn hats in there as well.

The background of the page is done using the "Squared" stamp and the "Art Deco" stencil. I also added some watercolor in there to continue the dyed look. The main composition of the page is done by adding the "Art Deco Flourish" to the side of the photo while the "Art Deco Border" decorates the other side. I've also included one letter from the "Art Deco Alphabet" set to my page from the new collection.

There's also the birds from the "Ornate Clock" in there as well as a flower, a butterfly and the bow from past collections - can you spot them all? All the chippies are left in their original color but the harsh black birds got some white color on them to make them a little grayish.

Please be back tomorrow to see the other page - made in a totally different style! Thank you for your visit today!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: ScrapFX, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger


Blooming cards - 7 Dots Studio

Happy Monday! Or should I say blooming Monday? Because there's a new challenge as 7 Dots Studio and this time the theme is gardening (link)! There's a bunch of wonderful different takes on the theme at 7 Dots Studio blog as well as instructions on how to participate.  

We don't have a garden of our own as we live in an apartment building. There's grassy spots on both side of the building, but no garden to speak of. We do have a balcony, though, but there's nothing in there because of our neighbor underneath (don't ask!). And even though both mine and my husband's parents have summer houses and they have gardens, the theme made me think about blooms first. Those blooms then turned into cards.

Of course when the original inspiration was blooms and flowers, there was no other paper to choose for the base as the poppy patterned one from the Homegrown collection! On top I spread some gesso, then some watercolors and stamping. Finally I finished the cards with some pretty blooms and details from the Homegrown collection. There's tags, stickers and text stickers. 

Thank you for stopping by and wishing you all a great week!


Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


I'm So Lucky - A Flair for Buttons

I consider myself so lucky! I have the most supportive, best husband there is. Hi there and happy Sunday everyone! Today I'm sharing a page I did for A Flair for Buttons and that was posted to the company blog recently (link).

This page started as a workshop sample while keeping a scrapbooking course in Tampere, Finland but I finished it at home and added a couple of sweet flairs to embellish the layout.

Why I started to make this in a workshop is because my husband drove me there and back home again after the whole day. Luckily he had plans of his own for the day, but still. I was really grateful for both the company and the ride and wanted to celebrate him and declare his sweetness to the world! 

Even though the subject of the page was sweet, I didn't want to go pink and pastel but instead used green and yellow as the colors to a fresh, happy page.

I usually want to use several flairs in my DT pages and chose to go with three different ones this time. They fell in their places on the page so easily! The camera is from the "Tell Your Story 1" set and the green one on the other hand from "Watercolor Designs 2" set. The great bloom is from "Believe" flairs

What or who made you happy today? Thank you for your visit!

Sets used: 

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


#TBT post: Free your mind

Hi there! As it's Thursday, it's time for another #TBT post! It's new series that I started and now I'm trying how it goes. 

#TBT posts are posts that are re-blogged for a reason. Each Thursday I re-blog a post from the past, share why I chose to show the piece again and also add pieces of the original post to the #TBT post.

This page is my very first design team project for the 7 Dots Studio. It's done back in 2014, but still style and color wise it looks like me. The fun thing about doing these posts is to re-discover some pages and creations. See how the style has evolved and how I and my style has changed across the years. But this, as I said, could almost be done even today. I see slight changes but nothing too drastic. Does that on the other hand mean that I'm stuck and can't invent anything new any more? 

I did three layouts to the post, actually. I chose to re-blog this for a couple of reasons. For the first, it was the first one of the three blogged both in the company and my blog. Secondly, this layout also comes with a video. And thirdly, I remember thinking back then with this page that "is this me", so I guess the brown color scheme was a new thing then.

Underneath is a paragraph from the original post and that rings a truth even today. I often let the project lead me than the other way around. Or maybe I should say that I'm open to change, as I do have some kind of idea when I start. It's not maybe very definite, but I have a notion about the colors, the topic, the composition or something that springs me into action. 

My key thought while scrapping is not to think but instead free my mind and just do. Somebody sometimes used the phrase “let your hands lead you” and I think it’s a perfect way to describe what I do. I just play around with different media and pretty papers and embellishments and change my game plan according to every layer I create.

Thank you for stopping by!

Supplies from 7 Dots Studios: 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Talens, Ranger, 3rd Eye, Sakura


Enjoy your day - Artists Live

It's Wednesday already! A week ago on Monday was my time to be on Artists Live Ustream. Here's the link to the reveal post (link).

I was playing it simple this time and made two easy peasy cards using Distress Inks. Along the way I showed two stamping techniques. If you want to see how the cards were made, please see the recording underneath! 

Thank you for stopping by today! If you have suggestions or ideas of what you'd like me to do during the show, please leave a comment. The projects that I teach are unfortunately not possible, but there's plenty other things to do! 


Water mister
Post-It notes 
Twine, lace, buttons

Materials: Elizabeth Craft Designs, Ranger, Wow Embossing, Sharpie


The adventure begins - 7 Dots Studio

Yesterday I shared a page using the Fortune-teller collection and today it's time to show a page using the other brand new collection from 7 Dots Studio, Homegrown. You browse the collection here (link).

This page is about my younger one. Last summer when visiting my mother-in-law’s summerhouse, the pier was the most exciting and captivating place. We told both of our girls not to go there all by themselves even though they know how to swim. My younger one was asking someone to accompany her to the pier all the time! I guess she's like me in that sense - I could sit on that pier for hours! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Let an adventure begin today! 

Materials “The adventure begins”:

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie, A Flair for Buttons


Wood folk - 7 Dots Studio

Great start to the new week! I’m pretty sure you have noticed the fabulous new 7 Dots Studio collections, haven’t you? For my monthly project for 7 Dots Studio I created two pages - one using Fortune-teller and one using Homegrown. Both of the pages were made using same steps and techniques but the colors and the collections differ.

Today I'm blogging the “Wood folk” page for which I used the Fortune-teller collection. It's browns and vintage shades go swell with the topic and the photo.

The picture shows two little wooden sculptures I think you could say – they are made by my two daughters. Well, their grandpa helped them but the original idea and placement of the pieces is by them. The other one is a penguin and other Pinocchio.

I'm blogging the other page, done with Homegrown, tomorrow! But if you want to jump ahead, here's the link to the original 7 Dots Studio blog post (link)! Enjoy your day!

PS. Later today Aida is on Artists Live! Hope you can tune in!

Materials “Wood folk”:

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie
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