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Have you been following the "12 Days of Christmas" series in Prima blog? Here's two decorations I did for the 4th Day (link) when the topic was Iron Orchid Design! In the series there's always an ornament, a card and a tag so there's more inspiration in the original post. 


I went romantic with these decorations! I used the Paintables as the base and cut off the sweet bird houses from the “Secret Garden” set. Then I used the Oil Pastels to color the images lightly. You just need to add a touch of color in there and the picture looks really good! 

On top I then added the awesome Iron Orchid Design metal embellishments and lightened them up with some White Gesso. To get the decorations even a bit romantic I added some blooms and lace as embellishments. If you wish to see how I made these, please scroll to the bottom of the post as I have a step by step there!

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814175 – Paintables Secret Garden 
583545 – Metals for Wood Plaque 8 
583569 – Metals for Wood Plaque 10 
583552 – Metals for Wood Plaque 9 
961734 – Heavy Gesso White 
961428 – Soft Matte Gel 
814328 – Oil Pastels 
961602 – Glitter Set Ebony and Ivory 
583347 – Royal Menagerie Caroline 
PE – Cream Pink Mulberry Roses 
582326 – Royal Menagerie SIIC 
583026 – Lace Trim Plumeria 
576943 – Sage Jute Trim 
962760 – Brush Set

IOD decorations step by step:

1) Start by coloring the Paintables image with Oil Pastels. Use the Brush Set or a water brush for blending.

2) Cut the images out. Psst: You don't have to be too precise. 

3) Adhere the houses to stencil packaging (or other stiff cardstock) with Soft Matte Gel. Add ribbon and jute trim between the two paper layers as shown.

4) Cut the house outlines out - be careful not to cut the ribbon, nor Jute Trim! Then adhere the metal embellishments in place using 3D Gel.

5) Soften the look of the metal embellishments with White Gesso. Use a "dry brush" technique for shabby-chic results. Just dip your brush in gesso and wipe most off on a piece of paper.

6) Finish the decorations with a piece from the Lace Trim, some flowers and Royal Menagerie crystals. To get a softer look add some Jute Trim and thread in the mix as well.


Shining heart - Mixed Media Place

Long time ago in a faraway land… Um, no. Not a fairy tale this one. But well over a year ago I made a heart canvas inspired by my favorite band (link). When I then started to think about new workshops it popped into my mind, maybe partly because it hangs in my work space. As people were asking me to turn that one into a workshop I answered the call and created a canvas workshop based on the first one.

Last month I kept the workshop for the first time and of course needed to create a sample for it. So that was the second time for me to do the piece. And this one is the third one – started on the workshop, finished at home.

For this piece I used blue color scheme and that really was a struggle for me as I strongly see the piece in its original colors – red and black. But I managed to make myself to grab the blue and turquoise mists instead of red ones. And that’s telling a lot because it’s usually just the other way around – I gravitate towards the blues and need to push myself with the reds. Funnily enough, I didn’t quite feel the piece in blues so the big difference became when I added just a few hints of rusty brown to the canvas. First I added a few sprays of mists and then made the gears around the edge using a stencil and ink.

To finish this piece I went “Finnabair” and added rays of light coming from the lightbulb. Somehow she manages to make those streaks always so stunning but mine weren’t that good just by using a brush. So I took a finer tool and finished the rays using a white Sharpie. 

So now I'm asking you, which one is your favorite - the blue or the red one?

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Sharpie, Scrap FX


Happiness is a puppy - Scrap FX

It's the start of the new week! And my other page using the new Scrap FX chippie collection! Yesterday I shared the black one and today it's the turn of the white one. Quite a different look compared to the one I blogged yesterday, don't you think?

The topic of this page is my dad's new puppy. Or actually the puppy is now over 6 months old now, but on the photo she's much younger. It's taken back in summer when I visited there and the sweet fur ball loved to be close and slept by my side when I was laying on the grass reading a magazine.

This page I started with some clear gesso and then added mist on top. I used the "Hearts Divine" stencil but ended up layering most of the papers and layers on top of the area. But there's "stamped" images of the stencil still visible across the page. On top of the mist I then layered stamped hearts using the "Ragged Hearts" stamp. There's also touch of words with the "Words of Wisdom" stencil and a harlequin pattern with the "Harlequin" stamp there.

For the embellishments I used the "Heartscrawl" chipboard colored black and also two hearts from the "Heart Swirl" set - other colored black, other left natural. Part of the title comes from the "Happy Theme Pack" and underneath the title is a dandelion shape from "Dandelion Silhouettes". There's also a few scattered hearts from the "Lots of Love" set.

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Teippitarha, A Flair for Buttons


Alice - Scrap FX

Hello there! How are you today? Today I'm sharing first of two new layouts for Scrap FX using the new collection so expect two hearty layouts! They are very different but both have a lot of hearts on them. The original post in Scrap FX blog is titled "Black and White" as the other page is black and other white.

This first one is the black one as you can see. The story in this page is about a childhood memory. When I was just starting school, maybe 7 or 8 years old, I happened to see Alice Cooper's "Poison" music video on MTV. And that hit hard! I then found Alice Cooper's photo from a magazine, cut that out and treasured it in my wallet. I didn't have a clue back then about the lyrics as I didn't know English at that age, but the visual aspect appealed to me and for a moment Alice Cooper was my ideal man. Thinking back now that makes me smile.

I just had to document this memory as I think my kids will find it funny later on. It also is funny how I later on became "a metal head" while I was listening to pop songs at young age and really found my style only after my 20s.

I started the page by adding gesso through the "Key Heart" stencil. On top I then added some mist and a touch of stamping with the "Circles and Lines" stamp. On the side of the white area I also stamped a black heart using "Sketchy Heart" stamp. On top of the background I then layered the "Web Heart" chipboard which I had treated with embossing powder. Other embellishments include a piece from "Heart Strings" and "Spinners" sets. The flower like lace pattern on the side of the photo is from the "Blooming Heart Silhouette" and the little circles are drawn through the "Random Dots" stencil.

Thank you for your visit today! I hope you'll be back tomorrow for another hearty page!

Materials from Scrap FX:

Spinners 2012008

Materials: Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Wow Embossing Powder, Sharpie, American Crafts


Secrets ATC - 7 Dots Studio

It's weekend time! How are you planning to use your free time? Or are you working through the weekend? If you are up for some crafty time, here's a challenge you might want to join! 7 Dot's Studio's November challenge is up and the theme is "Vintage". What a lovely inspiration, don't you think? There's some much you can do with it! Here's the link to the original post with a lot of different projects form the DT (link)!

The “Vintage” theme reminded me immediately about the “Cold Country” collection and the old photos there. While rummaging through my 7 Dots Studio drawer I noticed also an almost used sheet of words stickers and thus the idea of the backgrounds for these ATCs were born. 

Each of the cards holds a secret. It was so fun inventing these! The secrets are written with the white pen to the cards but I manipulated my handwriting so that the text isn’t readable. The names of the cards might give a hint – “The Traveler”, “The Lover”, “The Dreamer” and “The Thinker”.

Like the previous set (link), these are also up for grabs! Just send me a mail with your address and I'll pop a card to the mail for you!

Wishing you a pleasant weekend!


Thoughts Keeper: Tags 12x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Sharpie, Ranger, Prima Marketing

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