Oh Happy Day - 7 Dots Studio

Hi there! Today I'm sharing a layout with a video which I did for 7 Dots Studio. My idea behind the page and the video was to use letters as a design element, inspired by the “Writer’s Block” collection.

The layout itself is about a Christmas present I got a couple of Christmas back, 2015. My husband had gotten me a set of Beck DVD boxes! I really like the series! Gunvald is my favorite character, but I also like the name character, Beck as well. Most of the evenings after new year I watched the episodes.

The collection I used plus the photo effected to the color scheme I chose. I kept the layout almost monochromatic, only added a couple of touches of color here and there mostly near the photo. As you can see from the video, the background is done monochromatic. 

I used letters in the papers, but also made layers of my own using them. The first one is stenciled letters with ink, but I also used the same stencil with a black marker to trace some of the characters. Then there’s letters in the stamp I used, in journaling, but also scattered letters as a design element near the photo. Please see how I made it all in the video!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! 

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Homegrown: Clear Stamps

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger, American Crafts


New workshops!

Hi there! I'm happy to tell you that I've been planning and pondering and now ready to share a couple of new workshops with you! You can see all the currently available ones on my "Workshops" page (link)! It would be wonderful to see you this year! Please check the dates of the confirmed workshops from the blog's sidebar! 

Light and dark - Opal Magic paints work differently on these surfaces. It's like night and day! This workshop is inspired by that thought and we're altering two little horses during this workshop creating one for day and one for night. Mixed media, playing with gel mediums and paints and naturally the astonishing effect of the Finnabair Opal Magic paints. 

I love how a scrapbooking layout can document the story both in words but also in the feeling, colors and textures of the page. In this workshop we create a textured layout which can be an explosion of color or subtle and serene depending of the mood and story of the photo.

We're but dust and shadow. This framed project is just that - layers, dust and shadow. We create a monochromatic an assemblage with a weathered, dusty effect. We play with gel medium, gesso and Texture Powder - no colors added. 


Goofy One - Prima Marketing

I continue sharing some Prima projects that are already shown in the Prima blog and that are currently on their way to the big event in the States - the CHA show! This project was shared along with a couple other's in the first of the Finnabair product reveals (link). The layout demonstrates the Finnabair waxes, which Finnabair herself has showed in a couple of blog posts. Here's the link to the first one, about the "Opal Magic" line (link), here's to the second, about the "Metallique" line (link) and then the third, the "Antique Brilliance" line (link)

The layout is about my younger daughter. She's a little goofy one. In the picture she's trying on an armor in Häme castle where we visited this summer. They had a big armor exhibition there and we marveled the beautifully crafted pieces of armors first. The kids were starting to get a bit tired but then we walked to a room with the try on armor pieces and they were back in the game after some giggles!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Sparks card - Prima Marketing

Hiya there! Has your week started swell? This project was shared along with a couple other's in the first of the Finnabair product reveals (link). I really wish you could see this project live! The card is done with Sparks, new Finnabair acrylic paints that really sparkle! They have a great, metallic shine, but it's still not too in-your-face kind. 

I also used something else that is new in this card - it's the pearls. I guess you are familiar with the Glass Beads already but now there's something new coming, something that I've craved for. It's smaller and bigger pearls! You can see them here - the bigger ones (link) and smaller ones (link). I wish I could give you a link to Sparks as well, but they aren't yet added to Prima site - just a sneak peek of the marvelous products! 

Wishing you a lovely day! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing


Rays of warmth - A Flair for Buttons

Hi and happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing my page for A Flair for Buttons. You can see the original post here (link).

The page is about my two daughters, made in all pastel shades to reflect both the topic and also the dawning spring. It's funny how the change of the year immediately puts my mind to spring even though the weather here in Finland is quite gloomy and dark all the way to March!

I used two flairs from two different sets here. The chevron one is from Watercolor Designs 1 and it fits perfectly to the colors of the paper collection I used. The "Love" one is from the Lovely Words 8 set. Naturally it's to reflect to the topic but I also loved to find the same colors that the papers had in there! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great start to the new week! 

Sets used:


Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


Change - CSI 221

Hello and happy Saturday! Are you having a creative weekend? I was working today, but tomorrow I will have a creative day, too. Can't wait, really! 

If you have a creative drive but are looking for a spark or inspiration, here's something to get you started. January is a birthday month for CSI and the challenge site is celebrating by asking all the retired detectives to join the fun as well. So the Major Case File 221 is bursting with inspiration (link)! Naturally there's the inspiring Case File itself, then the DT's awesome work but now there's also the retired detectives's contributions. 

You can see the Case File as well as the sketch above for this challenge. I gathered underneath in the list for me things I used from the Evidence and the Testimony. All the colors are there - the apple green maybe the hardest to spot, it's in the flair button. 

For my Testimony I chose the topic option and documented a birthday. Or actually the journaling is about two birthdays and how much my daughter changed in between them. When she turned five, she wanted to be a princess, Elsa but when she turned six her favorite piece of garment was a skeleton hoodie. Something changed drastically in the year! Like she turned from a childish toddler to a bigger kid. 

I used several elements from the Evidence part. There's tiny dots in the washi tape I used, there's triangles both hand drawn and in the banners, there's the banners with the string. The Evidence also said to use different colored letter stickers but as I only had white ones with this font, I colored one of the stickers myself with a marker. There's also some stamped details and enamel dots, but you can see it all from the list below.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Colors: ivory (background), turquoise (paint), pink (patterned papers, washi), apple green (flair), brown (stickers)

Evidence: tiny dots (washi), triangles (banner, doodled), banners, string, use different colored letter stickers (colored them myself), stamped phrases, circles (stamped), enamel dots

Testimony: topic - document a birthday

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Teippitarha, Ranger, American Crafts


Joulu 2015 - 7 Dots Studio

Hi there and great Thursday! Here's my second monthly project for 7 Dots Studio this month. As I wrote earlier this project is kind of turning back the clock. The scene in the picture could be from a few weeks ago, but this one was taken over a year ago. Moments, or rather photos like these really show how time is passing! Both of my girls seems so small in the picture, a lot has happened in a year! 

I wanted the two projects in the post have somethings in common so I used same materials here as in the ATCs I shared yesterday but also added some of the “Cotton Candy Dreams” in the mix as it creates a lovely snowy, chilly feeling. Even though the Christmas was quite dark without the snow, my mind still connects snow and Christmas time together. The flowers in the background, done with modeling paste, represent snowflakes, softly falling down. 

Thank you so much for your visit today! Once again – great start to 2017! May it be filled with joy, pleasant discoveries and a lot of artful adventures!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Cotton Candy Dreams: Star Stencil 
Homegrown: Clear Stamps 
Homegrown: Flower stencil

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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