Royal Menagerie ATC - Leimailutaivas

Hi there and happy Thursday! Today I'm switching over to Finnish for the start of the post - if you'd like to read more about the cards here, please scroll a bit further down!

Elikä vaihdetaan suomeksi muutaman lauseen ajaksi! Vähän yli viikon päästä on Leimailutaivas messut Puistokulmassa Vantaalla. Tapahtumasta löytyy lisätietoa esim. täältä Taavan sivuilta (linkki) taikka Facebook tapahtumasta (linkki). Mukana on siis paperi- ja koruaskarteluun liittyviä putiikkeja ja luonnollisesti myös alan harrastajia. 

Mukana olen minäkin demoilemassa eli tekemässä kuvan mukaisia ATC kortteja. Jos siis kiinnostaa nähdä Priman uudet öljypastellit toiminnassa tai on kysymyksiä ihan mistä vaan johon voisit kuvitella minun osaavan vastata niin tervetuloa moikkaamaan! Paikkana siis Leimailutaivas Puistokulmassa ja ATC korttipiste, aika 12.9. klo 11 alkaen. 

Tapahtumassa on myös ATC vaihto, johon voi osallistua paikan päällä pääsylipun ostamalla. Itse olen viemässä joukon korttejani vaihtoon, joten tervetuloa vaihtelemaan! Vaihto tapahtuu klo 14-15. Lisätietoa täältä (linkki).

Back to English then. These cards are made using the new Prima products and I shall do a demo of them in the coming event called "Leimailutaivas" (Stamping Heaven). I will play with the new Prima Oil Pastels and the Royal Menagerie collection and create these super fast and cute ATCs. So if you happen to be in Finland that time and more over the capital area, come and say hi! 

The base of these is from the Royal Menagerie 3x4" pad and the coloring is done with the Oil Pastels. I've also used the Oil Pastels instead of ink to stamp some texture to the cards. The embellishments include a flower and a twirl of Prima wire.

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials from Prima: 

582593 - 3x4" Royal Menagerie Pad
814328 - Oil Pastels
572068 - Prima Wire white
583323 - Royal Menagerie blooms
583316 - Royal Menagerie blooms
960865 - Checkered Stamp
961893 - Messy Stamp

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Goofball - 7 Dots Studio

Yesterday I shared a page about my older daughter done for 7 Dots Studio and today is the time to share the other. I mean of course I had to make a page about each of them! 

Like I said, this second page is about my younger one who’s such a goofball. She’s almost constantly performing and is the family clown in a way. I love her attitude towards life and the joy she has. 

I used the “Yuletide” collection in this page also as I fell in love with the bright, happy red it has! In the first one the stripes mimicked the shirt my girl has in the photo and in this second the fiery red depicts the personality of my younger one.

Like in the first page, I used some Mica in the background and then added gesso on top through a stencil to make a dimensional pattern. 

Thank you for your visit!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Soulmates – Clear Stamps 
Illumination – Clear Stamps 1 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Sharpie


Hello sleepyhead - 7 Dots Studio

Another month has started! So that means a lot of DT works to be shared eventually - yay! Starting September with 7 Dots Studio creations for this month. I did two pages this time for my monthly post, one for each of my daughters. I’m pretty sure that in a few years they will cherish these layouts so much – not. But as they both depict something that is such an essential part of them I just wanted to document these photos.

The first page is about my older daughter. As the journaling starts – how do you know that she’s completely asleep? The answer is that her head is tilted back and if she happens to have a cap on, it’s over her eyes. The photo is taken in car but the same position applies also to her own bed. Ever since she was a baby, she’s had this habit to tilt her head back when sleeping.

I just love the reds in the Yuletide collection so I used that as my base and added elements from other collections, too. The background is done using Mica powders and then continued with stamping, stenciling and doodling.

Thank you for your visit today! Please come back tomorrow when I share my second page for 7 Dots Studio from my monthly post!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, KesiArt, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons, Sharpie


PaaPii ATC

Hello there and great start to the new week! Today I'm sharing some ATCs that have already traveled to their new owners. And talking about ATCs - don't forget the free Ustream show tonight at Artists Live channel! More about the project I'm doing in this post (link). Hope to see you tonight!

The main embellishment in these cards are wooden buttons from a Finnish brand called PaaPii (link). The brand has toys, fabrics and home decor pieces, for example and when I saw these buttons I fell in love and just had to order some. They've been waiting for the right project in my stash ever since. I've tried them every now and then on a card or a page, but they haven't previously found their home. 

So when I needed to make a set of ATCs for a swap and was going through my stash for ideas then these jumped to my hands and I just knew that that was it! I used neutral colors in the cards but added some green in there to keep them fresh. The main element are the buttons but there's also some masking tape, stamping and twine in the cards on top of a few pieces of patterned papers.

As the buttons are, well, buttons, I added hand drawn stitch lines to the cards and also decorated the wooden buttons ever so slightly.

Thank you for your visit today!

Materials: PaaPii, 7 Dots Studio, Canvas Corp, Prima Marketing, Sharpie, Fiskars, Design Memory Craft, Ranger


My favorite eight - Prima Marketing

Hello there! If you could only eight favorites, would you manage? I listed eight of my favorite Prima products and that was even harder as there's so many great ones! The original post went live in Prima's blog a couple of days ago (link).

Like I sad, picking just eight out of the bunch was almost an impossible task! Some of the products I knew immediately but, the others, needed some pondering. I just love the awesome spectrum of mediums the company has and picked several in my list. I used these eight and just a few pieces of paper to make my three ATCs. You can see my choices on top and read the explanations underneath!

Heavy Gesso White - The white gesso just had to be on the list as it features in most of my crafts.

Clear Stamp Messy - I also use stamps in most of my projects, so a stamp just had to be there! And above all the script ones Prima has, this is my favorite – just the right style to add some interest but nothing too definite!

Watercolor Pencils – Basics - I’ve had some watercolor pencils before but only when I got the Prima ones I started really using them! Great pigment, easy to use and so versatile! You can even journal and craft on the go with these!

Mica Powders Gold and Pink -I adore all the Mica powders but, somehow, I gravitate always towards the gold and pink ones!

Bubbles Stencil – First there was the 12x12 and now there’s this smaller one of the great Bubble design by Finnabair. This stencil fits in every page because of the ingenious design – bubbles for everyone! You can use it to mist, draw, create texture, cut or ink – possibilities are endless!

Wire Thread Ivory and Say it in Crystals “Cigar Box Secrets” - Luckily while picking my favorites I realized that project-wise some embellishments might be nice as well and included the fabulous wire thread and the sweet crystals to my eight.

Now you now my eight favorite ones! It was so fun to do these cards using these and almost no more. As I didn't even list paper on my favorites I had to add a few pieces so I could have anything done. But only a few pieces were enough as I chose to make a set of ATCs. Bubbly, colorful ATCs! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!


962524 - Mica Powder Gold 
962456 - Mica Powder Pink
961374 - Heavy Gesso White
961893 – Clear Stamp Messy
961299 – Bubbles Stencil
576196 – Say it in Crystals “Cigar Box Secrets”
576714 - Watercolor Pencils Basics 
572105 - Wire Thread Ivory
845797 – Textured Paper Pad Primary

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger 


Eat - Finnabair Creative Team

There's a new Spread Your Wings Academy post at Finnabair's blog today. The post is all about layers this time. Gayle, Monika, Olga and myself share some tips and ideas how to build layers with different mediums and supplies. Click here to see the original post (link)!

I guess it's not a great surprise that love layers! I use both dimensional and flat layers in my projects. The flat(ter) ones make up the background with stamping, misting and inking and the embellishments and paper layers make the more dimensional ones. 

My tips on making layers would be: don’t be afraid to cover something, know your supplies and have fun!

When building layers, the odds are that you end up covering something you’ve created in a previous stage. That’s why you might want to go a bit bold and big with the first layers so that you end up showing at least part of the things you’ve done. 

The second tip is connected mostly on stamping in my part but applies to others too. You should know your supplies when building layers. For example I almost always use Archival Ink in stamping because if I then decide to add mist on top the stamped pattern still stays intact. Although bleeding and smudging might look fun too! So you need to know how the mediums react with each other and moisture, too.

The third tip is just to encourage to play, try out and really - to have fun! You can create wonderful textures and layers by accident so play with your supplies and try different things.

I get asked a lot how I make the paper layers behind the photo so here’s a quick three step tutorial of the process. It really is easy as 1-2-3!

1) Make the background layers first by mixing stamping, inking and what you like to use. Then cut some random pieces of patterned paper. Mix different patterns but keep the pieces quite small, biggest piece being the size of the photo or just a touch larger.

2) Then make the composition. Layer the pieces both horizontally and vertically keeping the composition on your hand. Attach the layers to each other with a stapler. Place the staples so that they are hidden underneath the photo. Use just one or a few if needed.

3) Lastly add the photo on top using 3D foam squares. You can also use these to make the paper layers more dimensional, but I often use those just underneath the photo to lift it up from the rest of the page, to really make it pop.

I hope this helps you with the layering! Thank you for stopping by today!


Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Glitz Design


Iconic Warlord - Mixed Media Place

Happy Thursday! Today I'm sharing you a piece that I made for Mixed Media Place. It's a canvas and this time instead of a girly face I drew a man. That's my second ever so don't be too harsh!

I’m a metal head so to say. While I can listen to many music genres, I really prefer heavy metal above all of those. And one of the great loves I have amongst the genre is Turisas, a Finnish ‘viking metal’ band though they themselves prefer not to be called that. 

About a year ago I shared a canvas called “Heart of Turisas” in Mixed Media Place and now it’s time for (yet) another Turisas themed creation. This time I was inspired by the new gig set up the band has – a giant banner with the band members stylized in icon-like way. I’ve been looking the banner design some time now and decided to make my own take using that and the singer of the band as my inspiration. 

I started by sketching the face lightly and then added the colors in using acrylics and black gesso. I painted most of the cape red and the face with different flesh tones and the hair with brown and then treated the whole background black with gesso. Next I started adding the bibs and bobs to the canvas. I tried to keep it manly and thus not adding any flowers and also tried to add music related things in the mix. There’s a pick, a piece of a speaker, some guitar strings and a headphone in there. I added the pieces to the canvas using 3D Gloss Gel. After letting the medium dry, I then painted everything first black and then started bringing the colors again in. This time I used acrylics mixed with Mica powder, mists and lastly PanPastels. The face of the character is drawn using PITT pens and a pencil.

My great intention is to give this to the band if they want it, but let see how it goes. Until now the warlord has been staring me from a shelf above the TV. Maybe it’s good to have him there watching over us, guarding like an iconic being should?

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great day!

Products from Mixed Media Place: 


Materials: Prima Marketing, Design Memory Craft, Pan Pastel, Talens, Wow Embossing Powder, Ranger

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